It’s been a long hard slog


I have been so engrossed in training I haven’t had time to post a blog, I’ve also been unwell and had to re-adjust to the situation. I had two falls down Butser Hill the other week which meant I had to turn to a physio to help with the injuries the treament is ongoing but things are going well and I hope to be pain free from these injuries soon. As you know I am in pain 24/7 from my traffic accident in 1991 and have learned to live with this, new injuries are difficult to deal with but training needs to go on. On Sunday I caught a bug which gave me stomach cramps all Sunday night, On Monday I had physio and soon afterwards I began to feel unwell again, flu like symptoms, then around 6:15pm I developed the shakes and shivers which lasted for around 15 minutes these disappeared but left me sweating buckets all night and this morning, to err on the side of caution training was cancelled and I will resume training tomorrow. My Coach Bronwin Carter is away for a few days but has left me with a training schedule, we now have sponsorship from Up & Running sports injury clinic so that’s great news! I am not sure when I will return to Butser Hill but at a guess I think it will be next week, which I am looking forward to as it seems far too long ago since I was up there.

Stay safe and keep smiling!!


It’s a Hard day’s night

Hi All

Well after yesterday’s push up Butser Hill I have to say it’s my wrists and forearms that are hurting, they have been hurting for a long, long time but my wrists in particular are the worst they’ve ever been and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight with the pain! I will however, continue to work through it all as it’s for two great causes and this is likely to be my last ever physical challenge, I am not sure but if I can’t think of anymore to do then it will all come to a climax at the top of Gibraltar Rock on the 18th April 2015. We are doing everything possible to make this challenge and the training the best ever so please keep your fingers crossed that things make a turn for the better. The weather in Portsmouth has changed, it’s become cooler which is a sign Autumn is on its way, lets hope for a dry one and a dry winter as I need to keep on climbing Butser Hill to increase my strength and stamina. Keep smiling guys, see you soon.

Butser Hill Conquered

Well it’s been another hard week but today was the best day, I feel so happy it’s unbelievable I have just conquered Butser Hill at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. This hill is all grass and is the steepest hill around these parts and with the support of my coach Bronwin Carter I managed to push myself to the top, a distance of jsut over a mile!!

There were parts that I thought I’d never get passed but I din’t want to give up so easily and it was an amazing feeling when I eventually reached the top, the view from the top was worth the effort alone but the ultimate goal is Gibraltar Rock in 7 months time! I managed to conquer Butser Hill in 50 minutes and that is some going on grass and a hill full of divits and rabbit holes. Coming down was fun, not sure what speed I reached because I forgot to look at my speedo but it was fast and when I came to brake using my hands the wheels just skidded along the top of the grass, that was hairy lol. Anyway it has set me up for the next time I ascend it and I am looking forward to it, it’s back to the gym tomorrow and some road hill training! By for now peeps, stay safe and have fun.Bottom of ButserView towards PortsmouthPaul on way down

The Wanderer has returned

Hi All,

Well my break from training is over and I returned to training yesterday, it was more of an ease back in session but a completely different story today when I returned. I was on the track with the weight sledge for today’s session pulling 15kgs x 200 metres, 20kgs x 200 metres without a break then 25kgs x 200 metres, 30kgs x 200 metres, 32.5kgs x 100 metres 35kgs x 100 metres all followed by 20 and 30 slams and a 2 lap warm down. We are now entering a crucial stage of training as we will be including hill climbs from next week and it’s Butser Hill which is the steepest grass hill around and equally matches Gib Rock. I am somewhat feeling low today and have been fighting my emotions to get myself back on track and will hopefully be over it within 3 days. Keep trucking peeps!

Working hard

With just one day left before I take a break from training things were as hard as they have ever been today, worked with the medicine ball followed by a timed lap of the 400 metre track which unfortunately wasn’t the best, I failed to beat my fastest time of 1 minute 55.66 seconds by over 2 seconds which I have to say is very disappointing to be ending the week on. Tomorrow is another day and the final one before my break, I will be on the water taking photos of thousands of yachts a sample of my photography skills is attached to today’s blog. See ya tomorrow with more positive news I hope!Panerai Classics 5761

A new week

Well here we are in another week, the weather is still hot and yesterday was a difficult session in training. My training started as usual on the rower, I completed 6,398 metres in 30 minutes and then down to the track for a very tough session. Having completed 200 metres with 20kgs on the weight sledge , i was asked to move to the back straight of the track so I had to pull the weight around to the back straight then continue with another 400 metres with the 20kgs weight before adding another 10kgs. I then completed 4 x 100 metre with 30kgs on the sledge before adding 2.5kgs for the next stage. With the sledge loaded with 32.5kgs I completed another 4 x 100 metres pulling my heaviest weight to date, all of this was followed by stretching and a warm down total training session was 2hrs 20 minutes. Today was all gym work and having warmed up on the rower I went on various weight machines lifting the heaviest weights I have lifted to date. All in all I have had two hard days which I have enjoyed but have to admit I am knackered now so I think it’s time for a quick nap!!

It’s been a long hard week

Wow what a week, it’s been long, hard and hot, the heat being the most difficult to deal with followed closely by the pain in my forearms and wrists! Having said that I have enjoyed it all and have achieved a lot more than I thought at this stage, we still have a long way to go and lots more training which will not be a breeze by any stretch of the imagination. On Thursday I was invited to give an inspirational speech at the Portsmouth and Southsea Round Table, not a very good one as I am not used to talking about myself and especially about the things I have done for charity. All that has been done has been a team thing, my crew have been so supportive, without them I could have never achieved any of my challenges. I hope I can reach the top of Gibraltar Rock as this would be the icing on the cake of all our challenges that we have achieved over the past 8 years, I am looking forward to going to Gibraltar, I know it will be emotional for me but we have a job to do first and that is to raise funds for the millions of kids around the world who are far less fortunate than you, me and our children. If there is anyone following this blog please support me and my support crew by helping us raise that magic £100,000 for Save the Children and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Thank you.